Biancolatte Baby Clothes is the Italian artisan quality brand that designs timeless clothes in a modern way, creating garments of absolute tendency.

Elegant and practical at the same time, the products are suitable for special occasions and everyday life.

Season’s favorites.


Very season we offer a new collection of polo shirts, pants, shorts, Bermuda shorts, skirts, dresses, dungarees, rompers,  swimwear and much more.

We make custom-made dresses for those special occasions as well.


Every season we offer a new collection of sweaters, jackets, dungarees, little leggings and blankets. We exclusively use Italian yarns: extrafine merino wool, cashmere and cotton.

We tailor make yarns for special occasions.

Best Seller

They are our sweaters and the “Biancolatte” polo shirts, with an embroidered collar. Models and designs are registered to guarantee our customers exclusivity, alongside 100% quality Biancolatte Baby Clothes.



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