A family history

Biancolatte baby clothes is the Italian quality artisan brand that makes limited edition items, chic and practical, original and timeless.

Following the thread of generations, with the elegance and refinement that has been handed down for centuries in the family of the Marenco counts, Biancolatte baby clothes was born, far from the great industrial realities: a brand of clothing for children up to 6 years created by Chiara Marenco, characterized by a tireless craftsmanship, faithful to the art of typical Italian hand-making.

The garments are entirely made in Italy with sartorial care and great attention to detail alongside a wise selection of the best materials: wearing them you immediately feel the ease of beauty. Each item is designed and produced as a limited edition. The lines are original and fresh but not without refinement, extolling the origins and family tradition of their creator.

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A family story

Biancolatte baby clothes is the story of my family, woven with the thread of my dreams. It is enthusiasm because it comes from the exciting experience of growing up and dressing my children; it is creativity because I myself design each piece of the collection; but it is also a commitment because it has the ambition to found a development project in Nepal, where I have lived. I am a cosmopolitan spirit, with a natural vocation towards the cultures and peoples of the world: the opening of a textile laboratory in Nepal is my dedication to those who, in faraway places, welcomed me with love in their homes.

The children of Biancolatte baby clothes!


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